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Puzzle Games


This mine sweeper game has treasures to dig up.
professor fizzwizzle

Professor Fizzwizzle

A funny puzzle game featuring professor fizzwizzle.
double win

Double Win

Cute puzzle platformer with an unexpected ending.
color smash

Color Smash

Click on three of more connected colored boxes!
crypt raider

Crypt Raider

Solve the puzzles and loot the tombes.
bridge thing 2

Bridge Thing 2

Build a bridge for the creatures.
kullors 2

Kullors 2

A funny and colorfull matching puzzle game.
mad virus

Mad Virus

Try to contain the virus in this puzzle flash game.
beetle run

Beetle Run

Guide the beetle to the exit of each level.


Mix and slide and solve the 50 levels of this puzzle game.
tripping point

Tripping Point

A photo realistic escape game with highly detailed graphics.
fruit blocks

Fruit Blocks

Click on groups of two or more identical fruits.


Also known as chinese checkers, very cool puzzle game!
totem destroyer

Totem Destroyer

Click away all the blocks without breaking the puppet.
totem destroyer 2

Totem Destroyer 2

Do you cant get enough of destroying totems?

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